Up + Over Garage Doors

With many homeowners in the towns and villages in the South West favouring up + over garage doors, it is good to know that there is an expert installer and repairer on hand locally. At Abbot Garage Doors, we have extensive experience with all manner of up + over garage doors and can provide a free survey with no obligation, whether you are looking to replace your existing one or opting for the simplicity that this sort of door opening mechanism affords. We offer a wide choice of door design featuring many styles and materials that include steel, timber, PRC or GRP. Self-opening automated doors are also available.

Simple To Operate

Simple to operate, an up and over garage door will commonly fall into two principal categories. Both relate to the type of operating mechanism that is in use, either a canopy or a retractable system. These terms relate to the method employed that makes the garage door both open and close effectively. Each system has differing uses which are ideal for certain applications. With over a decade’s worth of experience supplying fitting each type of up + over door in and around the South West, we are perfectly placed to advise you on the best one to choose given your particular needs.

Timber Or Steel Sub-Frames

It is worth bearing in mind that all types of up + over garage doors require a fixing sub-frame in order to work properly. The convenience of being able to open up the whole of the doorway’s width relies on such a frame which also holds the garage door out of the way, overhead, when it is opened. These sub-frames are available in a choice of either timber or steel and can be tailored to the exact dimensions of your garage. Remember that an up + over design of garage door will simply not fit directly into a garage structure without the addition of a sub frame, so don’t be fooled by prices which are quotations for the door itself alone. Expertly fitted by our professional team, the garage door’s sub-frame will sit between, or lie just behind, the structure’s opening to give a simple movement to the door which takes little or no effort every time it is used.

We Work With Leading Suppliers

At Abbot Garage Doors we have spent years equipping our clients with Marantec systems, a preferred manufacturer of many of the leading garage doors firms. Please note that these automated/electric garage doors are guaranteed for a total of five years, giving you complete peace of mind when you purchase.

Repairing Up & Over Garage Doors

As well as installing a new up + over garage door for our customers, we can make repairs to any that are not functioning properly. If yours has got stuck open or you have trouble releasing it, then give us a call for a same day repair service which is second to none and priced very competitively indeed.

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