Automated/Electric Garage Doors

With over 15 years worth of experience with automated/electric garage doors at Abbot Garage Doors, we are the ideal place to turn for inhabitants of the South West seeking advice on the best system for them. Covering all areas of the South West and the surrounding towns and villages, we can help with selecting the best automation system for your garage from all the latest technology. Our staff will be able to offer a wealth of impartial advice about electric belt operated doors and other types of remote controlled garage doors which are suited to both double and single garages.

No More Opening Garage Doors

Opening garage doors manually is nothing but a hassle when you have returned home, perhaps after a long drive, and simply want to park. All too often, the car is left outside on the driveway instead of being parked in the garage – maybe blocking another vehicle in – but this is done away with thanks to the selection of automated/electric garage doors we have on offer. Simply drive up and park in your garage without having to get out. We offer digital keypads and waterproof push buttons for the best in access and control systems that make sure your doors remain secure. Please note that automated garage door access means you don’t need a key any longer, so there is no risk of it being lost or stolen. If wanted, we can also offer expert advice on loop detectors which are available in underground versions as well as providing automation above ground, as preferred. We can fit garage access intercoms as well, depending on your individual requirements.

We Work With Leading Suppliers

At Abbot Garage Doors we have spent years equipping our clients with the latest systems from various leading garage doors firms. Please note that these automated/electric garage doors are guaranteed for a total of five years, giving you complete peace of mind when you purchase.

Luxury Garage Doors

Imagine being able to access your garage immediately, simply at the push of a button. Automated garage doors really are the last word in luxury, but they are incredibly practical, as well. Ideal for people who want a secure garage entry system without having to leave the car, or who struggle to open and close heavy garage doors manually, our automated systems are simple to operate and installed expertly. Why not call us for a free quotation on repair work to your existing doors or for fitting new ones?

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