Extensive Range of Doors

Our extensive selection ensures that we can install the exact garage door you want, no matter what type you desire. We have a huge selection of colours and designs to choose from, and below, you can learn more about some of the different garage door types we are able to provide.

  • Up and Over Doors – These doors are mounted on tracks which run along your garage ceiling and are popular, in large part, due to their security. We are able to provide both canopy or retractable operating mechanisms, and both of these mechanisms work well with automated opening and closing systems.
  • Roller Doors – A neat garage door solution, where the door is mounted on tracks which run along the side. As it opens, the door is stored in a compartment at the top, making it perfect for short driveways. We are able to supply and install both insulated and single skin roller doors, with manual or electronic options.
  • Sliding Doors – As the name suggests, sliding garage doors slide to the side, which helps to save space around the opening, as they do not swing outwards. Key benefits of this variety include a large range of unique designs and maximum opening width, as the doors can be slid completely out of the way.
  • Side Hinged Doors – These doors open in much the same way as most traditional doors, with the hinges on the side, which makes them an incredibly convenient option. The side hinged doors we are able to supply are secure, resistant to corrosion and available in various different colours, with a choice of finishes.

We Work With Leading Suppliers

At Abbot Garage Doors we have spent years equipping our clients with the latest systems from various leading garage doors firms.

Safety and Satisfaction

All the doors we supply are tried and tested for both safety and comfort, and we utilise the latest technology to guarantee protection for you and your family.

As a result, you can be absolutely sure that you are receiving a quality door, with a safe and functional operating system. The doors we supply are galvanised as standard, and we make it an absolute priority to provide a professional, affordable service, in order to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

So, for a garage door service you can trust, call us today  or visit our contact page.

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